Online Piano Lessons: Your Concerns Addressed by Donna Harris © 2021


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1. Concern: online lessons can’t be as effective as in person

Fact: Not only are online piano lessons just as good as in person lessons, but they are also better! The instructions you receive are more specific so you learn quicker.

You are automatically more focused as you do not rely on your teacher to move your fingers into place, which you do not actually need. Clear instruction is enough for you to learn. In addition, I use a platform especially made for music lessons, so we can jam together. This is a great way to learn, better than Zoom.

Writing your own notes in your book, as requested by your teacher, brings you a better understanding of how to make notes, and you are more likely to understand them later as you wrote them yourself.

You therefore learn self-reliance faster with online lessons than in person lesson, which helps you to be a better musician sooner. In lessons with me, you have access to a piano teacher in real time and between lessons.You always get the support you need.

I have effectively taught beginner students online during the pandemic and look forward to possibly working with you.

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2. Concern: It is more difficult to learn online

Fact: Chances are, you know the basics of using various IT devices. You can learn what you do not know with a little guidance.

In addition, we must have the right mindset, attitude to learn effectively; taking online lessons prompts you to be extra alert, open to learning because you consciously accept that you need to be attentive.

My goal, as a teacher, is to get you to learn self-reliance — something you want for yourself. Online lessons help me help you to realise self-reliance so you feel empowered.

My required Complimentary Demo Lesson includes a real-time look at your current set up to get you ready for lessons online in addition to learning something with me. You also get to ask questions.

      3. Concern: Online lessons are less fun 

Fact: Online piano lessons require more creativity from your teacher, so they are not less fun. The technology we have is the best it has ever been and keeps improving, which means better lessons for you.


The options for methods in which you learn have increased and improved through a range of apps and teaching methods. Piano lessons move at your learning pace. In short, they are more fun now than ever!

4. Concern: Online piano lessons are less convenient

Fact: Online piano lessons are actually more convenient than in person lessons for both student and teacher because there are no travel delays. You receive tuition at home on your own instrument, which also means you do not have to adjust to another instrument.


Online piano lessons also help to protect the environment as they cut down on carbon emissions through transportation. Donna Harris Music Studio is an environmentally friendly company.              

5. Concern: Online piano lessons are less safe


Fact: Many people nationally and globally have been having safe online piano lessons for the last 10 years. Increasingly, platforms are equipped to provide security, as they are used for conducting business in a variety of circumstances.The pandemic has proven that.     


In addition to your anti-virus protection, you will be all set to use the internet safely while following safeguarding protocols. My valid DBS enhanced check and my affiliation with the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), mean you are getting top online piano lessons that follow best music education practice.     

I hope I have addressed any concerns you may have. Please let me know if I missed anything out. In the meantime, why not get in touch to enquire about lessons? The world is your oyster when it comes to learning the music you love in ways that suit you.
Make a start on learning piano with the right guidance now by booking a complimentary demo lesson with me! 

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