Why Study piano and music? First things first: why take piano lessons? By Donna Harris © 2021


  • You learn to play the melody and the bass together, so more than any other instrument, you can function like a one woman/man band.


  • Your multitasking muscles, are flexed regularly as a piano player, as you often use differing rhythms in each hand. The result is excellent brain exercise which helps keep us mentally young as we age.


  • The piano, more than any other instrument, provides a great visual representation of music. You can literally see the music as you play, making it a great composing tool.


  • With piano, you are free to play most styles of music, for example, classical, jazz, reggae, pop, rock, Latin, and the list goes on!


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why study music?


  • Through music you learn to story tell through sound, and everyone loves a good story. Studying music flexes our creative skills. It opens up our brain cells, enabling us to be creativity in other areas of our lives.


  • Learning to play a musical instrument helps relieve stress and potentially depression for yourself and others. Sometimes, we may never know how much we helped others with our music.


  • You exercise your problem solving skills through paying attention to details and planning ahead to get the best outcomes.


  • As you practise and keep pushing yourself to meet realistic goals, your ability to meet fun challenges grows, and so does your confidence. Nurturing your talent is rewarding.


  • Learning a musical instrument sharpens aural skills. This can help in other areas of our lives including learning languages.


  • You develop better concentration, memory, better general and spatial cognitive development, which translates into getting good grades in other subject areas.


  • You realise how you learn best and grow in independence when making choices about how to play. Ultimately, you determine how much you learn through regular practise and study.


  • General health benefits include possible delay of alzheimer’s and dementia, improved blood pressure, and a boost to your immune system. 


    So, there we have it. Learning to play music is clearly a win-win situation for adults as well as children.

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