Learn The music you love


Here are some videos. Learn the music you love via a variety of approaches or focus on one particular method.


This student  plays guitar and is now learning piano. We have worked on coordinating his hands and, since he has a strong knowledge of chords and loves pop and 12 bar blues, I taught him how to use a chordal approach, and some improvisation tricks.




These lessons are a lot of fun and a great way to learn music you listen to. You could even create your own once you have learnt a few things.


The piano is one of the most versatile instruments. It therefore enables me to support and encourage my students’ interest in the diversity of music.


I teach different genres and approaches to provide a holistic approach. The goal is to inspire a growing sense of musicianship and flexibility for real life situations.


Below are some videos of me playing music I love. What would you be excited to play? Book lessons with me to stay motivated.



play your favourite artists

Learn Classical music

use a chordal approach

Learn Today’s music by ear

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