About Donna Harris mism

Setting you up for success

As a piano teacher, I cover absolute beginners, grades 1, 2, and 3 levels for the older beginner (adults and children aged 9 plus) online.


I love working with students learning for fun, as well as those who enjoy the challenge of taking exams.


I am an Independent Society of Musicians (ISM) registered private piano teacher with a valid DBS check enhanced certificate.


In me, you get a committed teacher who is passionate about music, learning, and supporting others. I set you up for success!


About Donna Harris, online piano teacher, beginners piano


I first took piano lessons from the age of 6 up to my teenage years, which is when I stopped but continued playing as a hobby.


As a young adult, I stopped playing piano when I lost access to my instrument. Many years later, I returned to piano lessons excited for the opportunity.


My experience taking piano lessons and exams as a youngster and then as an adult gives me insight into what it can be like for children, teens, and adults. I use this insight in my teaching approach. 


                    TopMusic Certified


My training includes years of private lessons; 20+ years playing piano; providing piano accompaniment during church services; on-going learning and development courses that keep me well versed in current teaching trends; experience covering for my teacher; experience supporting church services; and experience teaching adults and children beginner levels.


My students are always excited about their piano lessons and they enjoy practising, just as I always have. Learn to play the music you love in a fun, creative, and non-judgemental environment.


For more about the inspiration behind my music see this account.



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About Lessons

Find out How good you are 

With me, you learn in a psychologically safe space; it is OK to make mistakes; in fact, sometimes we are glad for them. They are an invaluable part of the creative, learning process.


We all have the ability to learn music. Expect to learn the music you love during fun and creative piano lessons tailored to your needs and pace.


Lessons with me are about you: Why do you want to learn music? What do you want to learn?


We focus on the basics to create a strong foundation, to support what interests you: classical, pop, rock, hymns, and more.


Discover what you can do when you explore possibilities at the keyboard!


My teaching methods free you up to focus on your new found abilities; you keep building confidence and ability from there.


With me you can learn to:

  • Play by ear
  • Improvise
  • Read music
  • Understand music via music theory
  • Play Christmas Carols
  • Create your own tunes and more


I provide you with necessary guidance, but you will see how quickly you learn self-reliance and efficiency. As a musician, you are in the driver’s seat.


It won’t be long before you surprise yourself at how good you are!


Join me to discover a side to yourself you will wish you had discovered sooner.


Beginner piano student

About Practising 

a chance to create Magic Moments Between lessons

Application and asking questions are often the key to learning. As you enjoy your new hobby you will want to:


  • Set a workable routine — Adults, do look at the days you can practice and block the time off as something to look forward to. The more you enjoy the experience, the more you will practise around five days a week most weeks. Take a day off after playing 2 or 3 days in a row to help you reinforce your learning. Children can be more carefree about how they practice as long as it is regularly. The most important thing is wanting to practice not feeling pressured to do it.


  • Know what and how you will practise — Receive guidance on what to practise and how. You will know what goals you want to achieve each week. I am happy to answer your questions during lessons and between them.


  • See practice as your escape — You might have had a busy, stressful day, but you can escape at your piano or keyboard. You will feel a sense of accomplishment achieving things you desire. During practice, you can experiment while learning to play the music you love.


  • Be human — There will be times when you cannot practise as much as you would like. That is OK. Piano lessons can still be productive on such occasions.


  • Need help finding an instrument? Check out this  article.



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