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Portrait of dad as musician and big brother poppin’ style!



In Memoriam

The Main Inspiration Behind the music


The main inspiration behind the music was/is my dad. He helped me develop my musical talent from the tender age of 6 onwards.


Actually, both my dad, and my eldest sister, had the idea that someone in the family should learn to play the beautiful antique piano we had been gifted with many years before.  That lucky someone was me.

My dad was very supportive of my musical talent and our education. He was caring, wise, loved to work hard, laugh, loved God, good food, stylish clothes, and looking out for others.


Dad was a real family man and a trailblazer. Never afraid to be himself. He was respected and admired by many.

Here is a picture of my dad which my family only became aware of in the last five years when his brother died.


This photograph is a prized possession as it is the only one of my dad as a musician. He learned to play by ear, something I also taught myself to do while taking piano lessons. It is also wonderful to see him early on with his brother in England.

A few months before, my dad passed away, I had the opportunity to rekindle my connection to piano after a very long break; I don’t think the timing was a coincidence.


Music helped me deal with losing my dad; in fact, music helped me stay connected with him during his illness.


When I began to play the piano again as an adult, I became interested in using music to serve others. One of the things I want to do is donate proceeds to charity through DHMS.

The inspiration Behind My Logo


My logo has what dad called a shoeblack, also known as a hibiscus or a china rose. This flower was very much a part of the environment in which my parents grew up back in Jamaica.


Just like music, hibiscus flowers have many benefits including health.


Dad always encouraged us to be ourselves, to be unique, and buy good shoes! Incidentally, he sometimes used these flowers to clean his shoes.


Hopefully, the logo captures his spirit, while reflecting the spirit of my music studio.


I am grateful to my dad for encouraging my love of music and to both my parents for my love of education.


Both are something I have always had thanks to growing up in a home environment where I was surrounded by music, including mum’s singing.


From taking piano lessons as a child and teenager I learned that I had talent and I could accomplish anything if I was dedicated.


It is that gift I pass on to others as an online piano teacher. Thank you, dad and the rest of my family and friends for your support!


My motto passed on to me by my dad is:


Good, Better, Best,

Never let it rest,

Till your good is better,

And your better best!