So, your digital piano needs repairing by Donna Harris © 2021

Digital Piano Repair


What do you do when your digital piano stops working? Well, here is a topic that is rarely discussed!  You will need to find a technician who fixes digital pianos. Unfortunately, stores that specialise in acoustic pianos often do not repair digital pianos. You will, of course, want a piano technician who is as local as possible.


Follow these three tips when your digital piano needs to be repaired:


Google is your friend


Do a Google search to find your most local digital piano technicians.  List down the possibilities. Get to know your options. If this is your first time, you may want some reassurance. So in addition to this first step, try the next.


check with your brand


Contact your brand, for example, Yamaha and ask for advice. This is worth doing even if your piano is out of warranty because your brand can still advise you.


Here, you may well find a match with who you found in your first step. The third step is also worth considering to help with logistics.


Involve your local Music store


Get in touch with local music stores that sell digital pianos. They work with technicians and sometimes have their own, so they can often help you to get your piano fixed.


Your local musical instrument store can test your adaptor in store to see if it is the source of the problem, possibly saving you the trouble of sending your piano away.


If you do need to send it away for repair, your local music store can do this for you and assist as a mediator between you and the technician during the whole process.


Local music stores can definitely help you decide how to proceed, so do contact them and choose the best one.


Hopefully, you will not have this problem any time soon, but if you do, these three steps can help make a stressful time less stressful.


on a personal note …


Bonus tip! I, myself, recently used piano technician Martin Piper. So, if you need a digital piano technician and are located in London, UK or close to this region, visit Martin’s website at for contact details.