Christmas carols

Christmas Carols: A Secret By Donna Harris © 2021


Christmas Carols, Music For Rebels


Did you know Christmas carols used to be banned by the Church and the State?!


Yes, for centuries people could not publicly sing them because many believed the songs would cause disobedience to Christianity.


Composer Howard Goodall’s documentary The Truth About Christmas Carols reveals this fascinating history.


Even O Come All Ye Faithful or Adeste Fideles has a hidden message that scholars say encouraged the Jacobites.


They wanted the Stewart bloodline to return to the throne in England in the 18th century.


So, believe it or not, carols were music for rebels for the longest time.


It’s interesting to see how fashion changes. This carol is one of the most popular in most denominations.


the tradition continues


You might be surprised to see obscure carols are heartily pursued by those of a non-religious persuasion.


Singing together allows us to bond and keep traditions alive, including oral tradition.


This documentary was filmed before the last two years. In fact, it seems it was first broadcast in 2008.


I enjoyed this documentary last year, for the first time.


Fortunately, it will be broadcast again tonight at 11:35pm on BBC 2, in case you missed it.


Catch it afterwards here on BBC iPlayer until around January 19th 2022.


I am confident that you will enjoy this documentary because it is quite unique and Howard Goodall is inspiring.


Having trouble getting into the festive season this year?

This documentary might help. I am looking forward to seeing it again.


So, here it is Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year when it comes. May it serve you and your loved ones well!


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