An Invaluable Music Education Resource 

An invaluable music education resource that you may not be aware of. In 2011, I started working at Victoria Library where the Music Library in London had been located since 1948. 


Former Site for Westminster Music Library At Victoria Library 1948 to 2020

Former Site: Westminster Music Library

Victoria Library



To my excitement, I discovered that I could book a digital piano for 1 hour each day to practice, at no charge! As it was in a library, the opportunity came with headphones for quiet and private practice. 


At the time, I was unaware that any libraries provided such a service. What a wonderful surprise and, as it happened, perfect timing! Little did I know that getting reacquainted with piano at this time was soon to help me while grieving the loss of my dad. 


I took full advantage of this resource. Every day the library was open, I booked an hour and I borrowed sheet music. I went berserk and had the time of my life getting reacquainted with an old friend. Becoming a musician again felt like coming home! 


Practice time had always been a time of relaxation and, sometimes, experimentation as I would teach myself to play music I loved by ear. Often, I would also practice scales, exercises, and classical music in between my piano lessons.


Because of this library making a piano accessible, I could do these things again for the first time in about a decade. 


Westminster Music Library Finds New Home


The Music Library moved in 2021. It is now located at Westminster Reference Library.  Two digital pianos are available. The library provides music books and sheet music for all ages and levels. Click on this link to explore.


New Site for Westminster Music Library

New Home: Westminster Music Library

Westminster Reference Music Library


In addition, I have shot this video giving you a quick look at this lovely resource!


Being able to use a free piano in a library is handy when you do not own one, cannot have one where you live, or you have a small keyboard and are saving for a piano.


Using a library piano allows you to experience a full keyboard, which increases the kind of music you can learn. It also gives you a chance to experience a digital piano.


Just like Westminster Music Library, the Barbican Music Library provides free access to two digital pianos for practice. Check here for more information about its services.


Another music education resource is the mushRoom website. It serves a wider area in the UK. You can take a look here. Search for and book places that provide access to pianos for practice at a charge.


MushRoom enables you to play acoustic pianos, which can be handy if you want adapt to the feel of one for an exam or a performance.


Or try the Pianos.Pub website to search for a piano even more internationally.


So, there you have it! Maybe you can find a library near you that provides free piano access or use a website that allows you to book access for a low fee.


Or, perhaps you or someone you know has the power to create such a resource in your community?


During my research for this article, it seemed that Asia and Canada have such libraries or places. If you cannot find anything suitable, then take a look my article here about how to choose between buying a keyboard or piano.


Whatever works for you, I hope you enjoy playing piano for many years! Click the red button to enquire about lessons with me.